South Oaks - Adult Programs
South Oaks - Adult Programs


South Oaks Adult Programs

South Oaks Hospital’s Adult Programs provide experienced psychiatric care and psychological help to adults 18 years of age and older in a safe and private facility. Treatments are provided for adults who suffer from varying acute disorders such as anxiety, depression, mood and schizophrenic disorders, and behavioral and personality disorders.

Our approach centers on the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of experienced board certified psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, licensed social workers, therapists and dedicated aides. Working together, we stabilize crises, reduce stress, facilitate behavioral and cognitive change, promote habit control, manage medication, provide new insights and enhance coping skills. The successful return of our patients to productive life in our community is the strategic focus and objective of the entire team at South Oaks.

Treatment in the Adult Programs begins with a comprehensive assessment, including psychiatric and psychosocial components. Patients can be treated through inpatient admissions or partial hospitalization. Upon admission, an individualized treatment plan with rehabilitation goals is developed based on each patient’s unique needs, situation and assessment.

For patients who are affected by coexisting disorders – a combination of mental illness(es) and addictive disorder(s) – South Oaks also offers Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Programs.

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